Ideas For A Fun Potting Bench

Building a Potting Bench
Potting benches make life much simpler to the gardener. There isn’t any single correct way to construct a potting bench. Depending on how much space is necessary to get a work surface or storage, you can design your potting bench to fit into your garden style or work style. Below are a few ideas that will give you started concerning how to make a potting bench.
Build your own simple potting bench — your back will thank you!
Potting benches are built to eleviate the backache out of potting plants. They enable gardeners to work with their plants upright, as an alternative to bending over or kneeling on a lawn filling their pots with soil. Generally, potting benches are the same in construction with a table, using a hole from the top to set the planting medium bucket in, so that it is readily available. Making your own personal simple potting bench is pretty easy when you have basic woodworking know-how.
You possibly can make the easiest potting bench just by placing a piece of plywood across two saw horses. It is cheap, collapsible and can function fine with a couple of big plastic troughs for mixing soils. Or create a colorfully painted potting bench which has a roof, shelves and space for storing that produces a functional space into an ornamental garden structure.

First you should situate your potting bench. Decide where it will be convenient that you can access and what sort of it fit well into the appearance of the garden. If it’s going to be hidden away out of sight, then you don’t need to worry what it really may be like and utility is usually the priority. If it will be completely view, you might want to build something attractive or perhaps decorative for your landscape.

Think about how you will make use of your potting bench. If you’d like storage, consider adding shelving below and maybe in the sides. Might it be on the way of hang tools from hooks on a backboard? Does it rain a whole lot so you’d appreciate a roof or overhang? Does one use enough soil that it would be beneficial to build in a permanent soil bin in the side of one’s potting bench? Take into consideration if you need doors to close, or lattice to split areas of your potting bench. Do you need it produced from wood or vinyl? There are many solutions to design a potting bench. Think about it first and sketch out your idea before starting to construct.

If you need to build your own, you will discover a lot of ideas in gossip columns, books or online to excite your creativity. You can invent your own potting bench plans, download a strategy online, or purchase a potting bench ready-created from any local garden center or from the site online.

Some sites offer really nice plans for developing a potting bench as well as the designs are free!
Most patio furniture is ideal for leisure, but a potting bench is for the ceaseless task of maintaining container gardens or growing flowers, herbs and vegetables the industry healthy pastime that can provide a lot of enjoyment and to be able to get outdoors.

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